Sunday, April 25, 2010

some of the most important fruits and vegetables you should buy organic

During the past 2 years I have really turned my life around in many ways, one of the most major ways is my weight loss. Along with learning how to eat properly I have also learned a lot about eating organic. I try to use as many organic ingredients as possible. I found this on one of the blogs I frequent and thought I would share.

16 fruits and vegetables you should buy organic
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i think most of us have become more price conscience at the grocery store. i know i have.
one of expenditures i debate often is whether to "splurge" on organic food. i hate to not buy organic but lets be honest - times are tough.

i have complied a list of fruits and vegetables to buy organic. these foods are often on the "top offenders" lists for having some of the highest concentrations of pesticides and chemicals.

in no particular order...

peaches - they have a very thin skin and are often heavily sprayed with chemicals to ward off pests. their thin skin also means that the chemicals penetrate to the flesh so even if you peel them you won't get rid of them.

apples - another thin skinned fruit that is often heavily sprayed.

bell peppers

celery - since celery has no skin it is impossible to wash off chemicals and pesticides.


strawberries - this is especially true during the off season as they are shipped in from other countries with fewer regulations on pesticides and chemicals.



leafy greens

grapes - especially the imported ones.




tomatoes - have been taken off some worst offenders list but their skin keeps them on my list


citrus that you are using for zest.

also you should be aware of organic labels.

100% organic - products that carry this label are indeed 100% organic. they will carry the USDA seal. you usually see this on produce.

organic - at least 95% of the ingredients will be organic. these products will also carry the USDA seal.

made with organic ingredients - at least 70% of the ingredients must be organic. they will NOT carry the USDA seal.

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