Wednesday, April 14, 2010

'ello 'ello!

Ok so here I go taking a stab at this blog thing. If you know me you know I am always making something. It could be some sort of craft, it could be a "mix tape" for my BFF's, maybe some new recipe I just found or a loaf of banana bread.

So I guess what you will find here is a bunch of random tidbits of all the things I "make"

I'll also be posting links to my fav blogs and of course my friends blogs.

Who knows I may get bored with this or get slightly obsesssed with it ahahha!! It's the OCD in my sometimes I just cannot stop myself.

I think I'll also post some of the randomness I come across that entertains me!

Peace Out Girl and Boy Scouts!

Oh and I always have typos and grammar errors. I'm flawed what can I say!

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