Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Did you know.....

Did you my dog eats poop? Yep! He's not even partial to his own, he even eats Lucy's poop!!
Ugh he's such a boy dog! He likes all things stinky and gross. Thank goodness he is unusually adorable, smart and hilarious!
Anyway this is not a becoming habit and something had to be done.
I did some research and wanted to try something natural if possible.
My reading and research brought me to puréed pumpkin as a solution. I spoke to my vet and she said it was totally safe and has worked.
So for the past 10 days I have been putting a heaping tablespoon of puréed pumpkin in their food each day and guess what....
It worked!!! 
My darling Charlie B. has passing up the poop!!
So if your 4 legged friend is munching on their own poo this might help!!
See he's totally embarrassed!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Watermelon Lime Sorbet

OK first my June Fish Taco challenge didn't go over so well so I'm just going to pretend it was awesome. So awesome I cannot reveal the top secret recipe. Yeah that's it! Top secret ahaha!

July's challenge to myself will be better. Yup it will.

And nowww for sorbet!

So what do you do when your super cool Mommie Dearest gives you HALF a watermelon that's the size of the moon. This thing was seriously huge. Even after I ate a chunk of it there was still 100 pounds left. Ahaha! I kept asking this question what am I going to do with this melon.

I had a taste for sorbet so sorbet it became.

I don't know where I saw this recipe or if it's exact but this is what I used and how I made it....

5-7 cups of watermelon
1/2 of lime juice
1 cup of water
1/4 cup of sugar or less. I wanted to use Agave but I was out.

Boil the water add the sugar to make a simple syrup add the lime juice. Let this cool while you cut up your watermelon.
Put the watermelon in a blender or food processor whichever you have is fine.
I pulsed it a few times to give it a rough chop. Now pour in your simple syrup with lime juice and puree the melon until it's the consistency you like.

Once this is done pour your mixture into your ice cream maker and follow the normal freezing instructions. I have a Cuisinart model and all I have to do is pour all my ingredients in and turn it on.

So about 25 mins later I had the most perfect watermelon lime sorbet ever. The consistency is fantastic. It still has a little chunky quality from the watermelon. SO GOOD!

I imagine if I added some tequila this would be the perfect summer margarita.

Oh I did add a little more lime juice as it was churning because I wanted more citrus.

Enjoy and Keep on Making Stuff!