Monday, April 18, 2011

Giant Cookie Birthday "Cake"

Every year for my oldest dearest friends birthday I make him some sort of crazy cake. There have been lots of themes in the past. Kitty Litter, naked mermaid, boats and hoes and on and on. This year I decided to make something special.

Steve loves my peanut butter dark chocolate chip cookies so I decided to incorporate that into his cake. I thought and thought then it came to me.....


Yes indeedy!!

So if you make a full batch of my peanut butter cookies add in a bag of dark chocolate chips it will make 3-4 9 inch cookies depending on how thick you make them. Mine took about 25-27 mins to cookie to a nice soft golden brown.

The filling was a combo of 2 of my regular frostings. It's essentially a cream cheese frosting with 2 cups of whipped heavy cream.

I really think you could make this with any cookie and frosting you like. I think a sugar cookie with something light and a hint of coco would be great!!

Kids would love this. Well all my friends are over 30 and we all loved it too so...

Here are some pictures to make you wish you were at Steve's birthday party. Maybe next year...!

Enjoy and Keep on Making Stuff!

I can't even explain how awesome this was. I recommend a large glass of ice cold milk!