Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Challenge yourself!

I decided each month I am going to challenge myself and make, bake, cook and or do something I have never done before.

I should have started this in January to be all official 2013 but whatever. April will do.

This month my cooking challenge was QUICHE. Crust less quiche to be exact because nobody needs more carbs in their life. Well maybe someone does but not in my house we don't. Yummy delicious warm golden crusty carbs! OK I'm done! My wonder twin in St. Louis also joined my challenge and made the quiche and what's weird is she sent me a pic of her quiche and I thought why is Jan sending me my quiche pic back. WONDER QUICHE POWERS! Ahaha!

My do something challenge is to run as much of a 5k as possible on the street and beat my walking time. I will be doing that this Saturday 4/27/13 on Belle Isle for this 5k.
I have my music all ready to go to keep me going. I'll be the one working her inner Beyonce while she's running. WORK IT!! You have to make it fun so why not do a little booty shaking. Still time to sign up and join in on the fun!

The site I found the quiche recipe is fantastic! Here is the link:

For the same meal I made a 7 layer salad with the normal salad fixings, but instead of the gross mayo topping I just gave different light options. It was delish! Look at the pic of my table, those peas were so fresh and green!

Then it was topped off with Chocolate Lasagna! Yes I said it! Chocolate Lasagna! Make it, eat it, love it, threaten to slap anyone's hand who touches it without your permission! Ahaha! I omitted the chips from the top. I mean c'mon I've already packed enough cals into this dish. Let's be realistic ahaha!

My Mommie Dearest and her new hubby Steve enjoyed this feast with me!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Enjoy and Keep on Making Stuff!!


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