Friday, February 22, 2013


I really really cannot stand food that is 100% prepared in the microwave. It's never hot or heated through properly. It's just gross. Take the time and use the oven.


In my countless hours pinning things on Pinterest I came upon this recipe several times for homemade potato chips cooked in the microwave. The reviews for the recipe were all great.

I have potatoes, I have a mandolin, I have a microwave! Let's give it a whirl.

First of all if you don't have a mandolin or something to get your taters sliced thin don't try this recipe. You need those slices thin people!

Let's get right down to business!
Here is a link right to the recipe

The chips I made were super crispy and toasty tasting. My husband and I could not stop eating them.
If I had kids around this would be something fun for them to do. Make their own personal little bowl of chips! HECK YES!!

Enjoy and Keep on Making Stuff!

How To Make Microwave Potato Chips

What You Need
1 or more potatoes or other root vegetable, scrubbed clean
Salt and other seasonings, optional
Olive oil, optional

Bowl of cold water
Microwave-safe plate
Paper towels

1. Thinly Slice the Potato - Cut the potato in half. Slice one half on a mandoline, aiming for slices 1/8 to 1/16-inch thick. Immediately put the slices in cold water. Repeat with the other half of the potato and any other potatoes you are preparing.

2. Soak and Rinse the Slices - Rinse the slices in cold water until the water stays clear. If you have time, let them soak for a few extra minutes before rinsing.

3. Dry the Slices - Dry the slices between two clean dish cloths or spin them in a salad spinner.

4. Season the Slices - Arrange as many slices as will fit in a single layer on a dinner plate lines with a few paper towels. Make sure the slices do not touch or else they stick together. If desired, sprinkle with salt or other spices. For richer-tasting chips, brush the slices with olive oil first.

5. Microwave the Slices - Microwave the slices at 100% power for 3 minutes. Flip them over and microwave at 50% power for another 3 minutes. Remove any chips that are starting to crisp and brown. Continue cooking the remaining chips at 50% power in 1 minute intervals until they are all crispy and golden.

6. Repeat with Remaining Batches - Transfer cooked chips to a bowl and repeat microwaving with the remaining slices of potato.

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