Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chicken Lemon Rice Soup for my stuffy nose

Who doesn't love a good bowl of soup when they don't feel good??

I wasn't so sick I needy my mommie but I was for sure coming down with something and I needed some comfort. So I decided to make soup. Why on earth would I eat yucky canned soup when I can easily make yummy homemade soup!!

I have a couple fav soups that I can eat all the time. Hot and Sour, Italian Wedding, French Onion and Chicken Lemon Rice. I don't know which one is my fav I love them all so much!

I didn't have a recipe for this soup I just winged it so I am sure my recipe could use some tweaking depending on preference but it's low fat, low sodium, and makes you feel warm and cozy.

Sorry if this recipe is sort of slapped together but it sure did taste good.

2 cups of long grain rice
2 cups cooked shredded chicken(you can add or take away depends on what you like)
3-4 cups of low sodium chicken broth(this will depend on how thick or liquidy you want the soup to be)
1.5 cups of lemon juice

In a large stock pot cook rice as directed. You can use instant or regular long grain.
Once rice is cooked add the chicken broth in slowly. (I added 1 cup at a time). Continue to stir while rice breaks down and soup thickens. Add broth until it's a consistency you like.
It will thicken up on it's own as the rice breaks down.
Now add the lemon juice about 1/4 a cup at a time and keep adding to taste. I like my lemon rice soup really lemony so just keep adding until it's to your liking.
Let cook on low for about 15 mins. You'll see the soup thicken.
Once it's heated through and it's the consistency you like add your chicken, let simmer for a few more minutes.

Now is the best part, get your fav soup bowl and ladle yourself some of this yummy soup!

Enjoy and Keep on Making Stuff!

Please feel free to leave comments with questions

those are my legs and my flannel pajama pants. They have penguins ice skating on them ahaha! they make me warm and cozy!

this soup was so comforting. Look at Charlie B in the background wishing he could eat some soup too. Awww he's cute!

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