Sunday, December 12, 2010

On the first day of Christmas my Mommie Dearest gave to me....

I'm an only child and my Mom being a young single Mom trying to make ends meet wanted to make Christmas special she always really went all out around the holidays. I remember making ornaments and stringing popcorn(we only did this once it was way too messy) and making snow flakes with scrap paper. She always had my school crafts and art work around the house. Matter of fact she still has a construction paper Santa I made when I was 8 that has moving arms and legs! Ha!

Well one Christmas I was about 7 or 8 Mommie Dearest(yes I call her that to her face, she likes it. She refers to herself by this as well) she decided to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with me as our own special tradition.

She never spends a lot per gift but as a kid it was always fun stuff like cool hair ties or crafty things and of course toys. I think my fav was the light up Santa pins or the Rudolph pins that had a light up nose.

Even when she lived in MO she sent home a box and the gifts were numbered. Mind you I'm 35 now and I still love the 12 days of Christmas!

So yes kids I am spoiled and I am a brat and I call my mom Mommie Dearest and she likes it!!

Happy first Day of Christmas!!

Enjoy and Keep on Making Stuff!

This is what I got today, it's a I BELIEVE IN SANTA wooden ornament! I love it!!

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