Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What came first the bacon or the egg? ahhaa! Bacon Egg Cup

My normal Saturday or Sunday morning consists of a pot of coffee and deciding what to bake and of course what to make for breakfast.

I have seen so many great breakfast ideas on blogs and I honestly cannot tell you exactly what blog I actually got this recipe from since I made it just from what I remember reading.

So the morning I made this I also managed to bake an apple crisp, a loaf of beer bread AND start a stew in my crock pot. I'm not sure if it was the coffee I made or the great weather we had here in MI over the weekend. Either way I was motivated and everything I made turned out really good.

This is one of those recipes anyone who digs bacon and eggs will love. Take it from me, my BF's eyes light up like a xmas tree when he saw these come out of the oven. All he kept saying was "wow oh my gosh" over and over and laughing he was so excited.

I mean if I would have known making something this simple was going to make him this happy I would have made them a long time ago! ahaha!


Enjoy and Keep On Making Stuff!!

What you will need:
Eggs (as many as you want to serve. i used 6)
Bacon (same as above) I also used low sodium bacon
Cheese of choice(not necessary) I used sharp cheddar
Muffin pan

Preheat oven to 350F.
Cook the bacon in a large skillet to just about done. Don't let it get crispy, you'll need it easy bend.
give the cups of your muffin tin a quick spray with some cooking spray. I used olive oil.

Now for the fun part.
Take your bacon and wrap it around the inside of the muffin tin cup. just around the perimeter not the bottom.
Once you have this done as many as you are preparing crack an egg inside each cup.
put in the oven for approx. 15 min. This time worked out perfect in my oven.
Once ready put a little cheese on top if you like and take out a minute later when melted.

And voila! yummy bacon and egg cups!!

Trust me these were a huge huge success!!

And now for your fav part the photos! ahaha!
Please feel free to contact me via a comment if you have any questions.

and this is what the final product looked like. The eggs were soft and the bacon was crispy! Perfect!!


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  1. looks great! gonna try this for breakfast. always looking for different ideas, especially when having family visiting from out of town or for holidays. angi~